Welcome to the Siam House

Welcome to our world of Thai family dining. Thai food can be viewed as the melting pot of Asian food, combining the dried spice preparations of India with the stir fry and fresh preparations of China. All of our spices and vegetables are fresh and mostly locally grown.

We recommend that each person in your party selects a different type of dish: one Curry, one Stir fry, one seafood specialty, and so on. Thai food is meant to be shared, both the tastes and the experience.

If you are not sure what you wish to try, you should come in and enjoy our lunch buffet which offers overs 8 dishes, salad, soup and more.  Lunch buffet is served Monday through Friday 11am-2pm.




Hours and Location




Lunch Buffet served
Monday-Friday 11am-2pm

We are located at 430 E. 4th St at the corner of 4th and Dunn


Voted Bloomington's Best Ethnic Restaurant in 2008

Voted one of the "Favorite Restaurant Recipes" by Bon Appetit Magazine